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Providence Hospital Daughters of Charity
Washington, DC
Thermal Ice Storage Facility


Design of an 1800 ton hour thermal ice storage facility/waste heat boiler system adjacent to existing boiler house including three chillers, heat exchangers and three cooling towers.  The design reduced energy costs by consuming power during off-peak electrical rate periods, lessening the electrical load on the existing chilled water plant, and recovering waste heat from onsite standby diesel generators.  Supervision of the installation and integration into existing system were provided for what was at the time, the largest thermal ice storage system of any hospital on the east coast.

Halethorpe Extrusions, Inc. / Alcoa Aluminum Company
Pittsburgh, PA
Environmental Compliance


Responsible for development of management programs for complete environmental compliance of air, water and solid waste regulations for manufacturing plant over a period of 4 years.  Programs resulted in reduced disposal fees, potential fines, and improved overall plant environmental conditions for employees.

Solid Waste
- Design of 90-day strorage facility for solid hazardous waste materials.

Air Emissions
- Formulated application for air permits required by State of Maryland for emission of toxic gases and particulate

Waste Water
- Eliminated NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit by reducing contaminant levels by modifying existing processes used to treat water based discharges.
- Developed comprehensive RPCC (Release Prevention, Control and Countermeasure) plan
- Modified POTW (Publicly Owned Treatment Works) permit to discharge neutralized waste from extrusion press die cleaning processes.

- Remedied plant wide asbestos and PCB contamination problems.
- Provided all safety and environmental training required for the facility.

Open Bible Christian Academy / Open Bible Church 
Kingsville, MD
Building Design
Design of a new 40,000 square foot, 260 student school building.  KBD worked in concert with architectural firm in pre-planning, conceptual design, and build stages.  HVAC design included design of an in-slab radiant heating system.  Water system consisted of a private well system with water conditioning equipment providing filtration, iron removal and uv treatment.  A large private post-dose pump sewer system and alternating three drain field system  were components of the overall waste water system design.  Construction administration services were provided including progress meetings, field inspections, and prompt response to contractor inquiries.

Hampton Mansion Historical / U.S. Park Service - U.S. Department of Natural Resources
Hampton, MD
Green Building Design


The Hampton Mansion Historical Site, a 16,000 square foot historic mansion, required an HVAC system that met heating and cooling requirements while maintaining a near constant level of humidity and conformed to green building standards.  Humidity levels in the mansion had to be maintained in the range of 50-55% in order to preserve the integrity of the building, furnishings, and artwork inside.  To met the challenge of maintaining the desired temperature and humidity level while remaining within the power and efficiency requirements of green building design a ground-source water system was proposed.  KBD designed, commissioned, and supervised construction of the system.  It consisted of 7 air handlers with 2 speed water source heat pump condensing units for heating and cooling and humidification/dehumidification equipment to maintain near constant humidity levels.  The design was LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, received a Presidential Energy Award and was completed on budget and within time schedule.

Cal Ripken Residence / Cal and Kelly Ripken
Owings Mills, MD
Mechanical System Design

Mechanical system design for 25,000+ square foot residence including specialty HVAC and plumbing systems. Construction administration services were provided including progress meetings, field inspections, and prompt response to contractor inquiries.

Design Highlights:
- Three source well house with storage tanks and booster pumps to supply residence with necessary water while maintaining a constant volume and pressure.
- 1.4 million BTU condensing Viessmann boiler and a 800,000 BTU Viessmann boiler in a master-failover arrangement to provide a fault tolerant heating/domestic water system.
- In-floor radiant heating system including both in-slab and above-floor panels throughout multiple areas of the residence.
- Custom HVAC DDC (Direct Digital Control)  central control system with full graphical display providing single location management of residence's 9 HVAC systems.

Northrop Grumman AIMS Facility / Northrop Grumman Corporation  
Linthicum, MD
Turnkey Scrubber System

Turnkey design/build of scrubber systems for plating line installation producing cyanide, acid, caustic and other toxic material byproducts.

- Complete specifications for process loading data for design of scrubber systems.
- Development of full scope-of-work for vendor quotations of scrubber systems.
- Review of chemicals used in plating operations to determine possible interactions between chemicals entrained within air streams from multiple location within plating line.
- Determination of number, type, and materials used in scrubber systems from results of review.
- Custom design and integration of all controls between the scrubber systems and the rest of the plating line including hazardous and toxic gas detection systems.
- Project management of system installation including startup and initial testing of the scrubbers, controls, and life safety systems.